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An absence of image:
the light of color
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Youssef Ishaghpour

Youssef Ishaghpour, born in Tehran on March 14, 1940, was an internationally renowned French essayist of Iranian origin.

He wrote extensively about cinema, philosophy, art history, and photography. His ideas were shaped by his encounter with the writings of the young Georg Lukács, Lucien Goldmann, Walter Benjamin and Theodor Adorno.

Ishaghpour’s philosophical and critical approach to visual culture was anchored in his notion of “modes of the image.” His unusual oeuvre is extraordinarily multifaceted. His books and essays engage a wide array of film makers, artists, and philosophers.

The Friends of Youssef Ishaghpour is an association created in October 2021. Its goal is to disseminate and promote the work of Youssef Ishaghpour in its various dimensions: essays on cinema, works on painting, philosophical essays, photographs , musical performances. 

  • Podcast series in tribute to Youssef Ishaghpour
    Podcast series in tribute to Youssef Ishaghpour
    Time to be defined
    Time to be defined
    Time to be defined
    Manouchka Toubiana's podcast At the Crossroads offers a series of programs in tribute to Youssef Ishaghpour, both episodes are online.
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